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Underwater Cities: New Discoveries

Underwater Cities: New Discoveries

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1-4 players, City building, Expansion


Welcome to New Discoveries, the first expansion for Underwater Cities. Inside, you will discover several new components which will offer new ways to play and new strategies to explore.

NEW CARDS − 52 cards will add new options to every deck.

NEW ASSISTANTS − New assistants, each with its own special ability, will make every underwater nation unique.

STARTING RESOURCE TILES − Starting resource tiles allow players to start the game with construction already underway, which speeds up the game by one round.

NEW PLAYER BOARDS − New player boards are used with new game variants. This expansion also includes the original player boards reprinted with upgraded quality.

NEW METROPOLISES − The green metropolises offer new benefits. They are used differently in different variants of the game, adding new strategic dimensions.

MUSEUM − At the bottom of the sea, you will make new discoveries which will earn your nation prestige as you help build the international museum.

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